Monday, July 20, 2009

Photography: Burst your bubble

Amazing slow motion photography of a bubble bursting. Looks amazing!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christian Louboutin: Estoteri

OMG I want these shoes so bad!

The Hills - Spencer Pratt (aka Douchebag)

Okay so secretly or not so secretly I'm a big fan of The Hills. I know it's trash, I know their vapid, vain people but I'm hooked.

On to the point of this post, I can't stand Spencer Pratt. His such a knob it's unbelievable and for those of you who know what I'm talking about I just discovered this gem.

Apparently Mary Kate Olsen went to school with Spencer Pratt and dished to Letterman back in June '08. This isn't suprising as Spencer was supposedly responsible for the leak of the below photo to the press for $$$.

Watch from the 5min mark.


Husky Puppies!

Maybe one day (a long, long way off) we could have one?

Liz Wolfe - Photography

Liz Wolfe "Hand Punctured with Candy" 2005.


I love Corsets! I wish to get one very much. Mmmm tasty.

Yeah I get the whole torture device for woman thing but at the end of the day they look down right hot.

Your Mama

EventHorizon: is it just me or does our prof wear sweaters alot?
swtaarrs: that's a sweatshirt
EventHorizon: yeah
EventHorizon: i think sweatshirt extends sweater though
EventHorizon: so its still an instance
DroolingSheep: no it doesn't sweaters suck
swtaarrs: you're an instance of stupid
EventHorizon: ur an instance of ur mom
ChixLoveUnix: I implemented your mom last night.
EventHorizon: i extended ur mom so bad she threw an exception
EventHorizon: or something
swtaarrs: if your mom were a collection class, her insert method would be public

This made me giggle. I love the rapid disintegration of the conversation. And the user name "ChixLoveUnix".